Friday, April 6, 2012

Damn life tornado again!

Yes it got me again! I've gained back all my weight, DANG IT! Starting Monday (cuz of Easter) I'm hittin the gym again! This time I'll have my Brudder Jo Jo to work out with until I see him off to bootcamp. :( <-- that's a bitter sweet.
I'm excited to have a work out buddy, and also a pool!! All this because my
Momma moved just a mile and an half from us! Yippie! I love her new place and I LOVE having my mommy close by again! <3

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I need some!! I still am down 4lbs from when I first started this weight loss adventure but I am starting to get stuck in my busy/lazy ways again. I HAVE to get focused again!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Did you just see that!?

Did you see the life tornado just grab me and spin me all around this last week!? Oh my goodness!! What an insane week and weekend I have had. Needless to say the diet did suffer, poor thing. :( I tried my best to keep 'er under control but in Vegas this weekend I failed miserably. Boo.. But my diet suffering did not go in vain!!.. Or did it? That's debatable!! With all my spins of constant busyness I found my dream car!! Finally made the purchase last Thursday after a whole week of searching for her non stop

Here she is!! 2012 VW Jetta SEL

Not to mention that the weekend prior I was in AZ working on all my girls. (Two guys! Haha can't include them as "the girls")
Then Friday we left for my daughters club soccer tournament, (West Coast, you know! :P)  she did great in Vegas!! It was her first games back after rolling her ankle.. Twice! (That girl!!) But she did great for being slightly out of shape and it being her first games back. I was a proud momma! 
So we got back super late last night, drove for 6 hours when it should have been only 4. Traffic was horrendous. So today I have been doing errands and feeling blah from no sleep. So diet still suffers, BUT tomorrow is a new day and a restart to the Micheal Thurmond diet.
Wish me luck!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day one of Michael Thermond

Today I am starting the Micheal Thurmond diet. Well, I'm going to try. I have to eat 5-6 meals a day, pretty small portions. Today I chose the "Rapid" Breakfast which is 3oz of protein and 1/2c of fruit. So I chose from the list of foods that I am allowed to have, since I am level C, 2oz of egg whites 1 oz of turkey bacon and 1/2 of a grapefruit. I figured by the time I scooped it all out all of the grapefruit, it would be about half a cup. I never eat the skin part on the insides.. that line thing that divides the individual slices.. not sure the correct term for that. Not sure if I even explained it well either. Anyway! haha

The egg whites were interesting. I added some of Mr. Dash- Tomato Basil Garlic to add a little flavor to it. By themselves I can tell they would be very "blah". Especially since I am not allowed to use salt. Which of course makes EVERYTHING taste great. :( But I'm not allowed. Boo. :(

Here is to loosing weight by eating right.. something I haven't done in..well.. i don't think i have ever done it. hahaha!!

Pray that I can stick with it!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lets spaghetti squash this fat!

My first attempt at spaghetti squash... Results: I'd give it a 7 on "my edible" healthy food scale. Not to bad. The texture is a bit strange, crunchy. It took my brain awhile to adjust because it saw something that resembled spaghetti but yet the crunch and watery taste told my brain a completely new story. After a few bites though, I got adjusted to my new dinner and it actually wasn't to bad. I would eat it again! A friend of mine suggested I bake it next time since it was a bit runny from being boiled. Baking will make it more spaghetti like, she said. We will see because I will for sure be making it again. The meat on top is turkey too, in case anyone was wondering. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Liebster Blog thing.... haha

SO.. I am VERY new to the blog world. Still trying to figure out what my friend Christina blogged about yesterday with me being one of her choices for this Liebster Blog award thingy.
This is what she had posted before listing 5 people (me included)..

The Liebster blog award is for blogs with less than 200 followers. It's great for new or up-and-coming blogs!
The Rules
1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their site.
2. Copy and paste the Liebster Award logo to your blog.
3. Choose five more up-and-coming bloggers who you feel deserve the award and hope that they will in turn nominate five more.

Here goes me trying to follow the rules of this Liebster thing even though I'm not 100% certain what it means. haha

First Thank you Christina!

1. Bekki
2. Julie
3. Jess

That's all I got! Like I said, I'm VERY new to blogs!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Devon, my handsome son, went riding to the store with me... it was fun!!

Ok, I am starting this workout by my FB friend Katrina Delafonte. The first week I am suppose to do this..

Straight 12 minute cardio workout for the next 5 days, recommend twice a day. Double up on sweats, top and bottom. The challenge is to perform the exercise per the noted time, one after the other. NO BREAKS!!! You are to fit in as many reps as possible in the time given for that exercise. Push yourself.
1min - Step in place (knees up)
1min - Fast step - Lay down Face down Jump up
1min - Frog Jump Ups - See photo example
1min - Step in place (knees up)
30sec - Push ups
30sec - Full sit ups
30sec - Push ups
30sec - Full sit ups
30sec - Push ups
30sec - Full sit ups
1min - Step in place (knees up)
1min - Run backwards
1min - Jump Ups
1min - Crunches
1min - Step in place (knees up)

Then I am pairing it with the Michael Thurmond diet plan. I took the online quiz and found that I am C. My friend (Bekki) had already purchased the whole set so she told me all the foods I am allowed to eat and how to eat them. Here is a quick overview.. 

Eat every 2/3 hours
PM snack- optional

(You can pick from the three, Easy meal, Gourmet meal and Rapid meal)

Easy- 2 egg whites 1/2c oat meal 1/2 apple/banana
Gourmet- veggie omelet (green peppers, onions basil) 1/2c hash browns, fresh fruit salad
Rapid- 3 eggs whites, 1c greens or 1/2 grapefruit

Mid morning
Easy- 2oz chicken/turkey small potato
Gourmet- baked chicken fingers and fries
rapid- 3oz turkey breast 1/2c greens

Easy- 2oz chicken 1/2c brown rice 1-2c mixed veggies
Gourmet chili stuffed potato & green salad (ground turkey, onions, bell peppers, stewed tomatoes, pinto beans, chili seasoning)
rapid- 2oz chicken 1/2 brown rice 1-2c mixed veggies

Mid afternoon snack-
Easy- 2oz chicken 1 small apple
Gourmet- Cajun shrimp kabob, zucchini red peppers onions and mushrooms 1/2 rice
rapid- 3oz fresh tuna 1-2c greens

Easy - 2oz chicken, small potato 1-2c veggies 
Gourmet- chicken sauteed garlic white wine, steamed asparagus and garlic mashed
Rapid- 2-3oz lean turkey 2c greens

PM snack- optional-
Easy- 1/2 mixed berries
Gourmet- pouched pears with cinnamon and cloves
Rapid- whole Grape Fruit

She's so awesome! She even gave me the list of foods I CAN eat so that I can substitute to make different meals. I think I can really do this! I'm VERY excited to finally get into tip top shape. I feel good today. Although my diet hasn't been the "best" today but I'm going shopping tomorrow and will jump on the diet right away.